Sunshine Coast Real Estate: Embracing Autumn with TOWN - April 2024

Sunshine Coast Real Estate: Embracing Autumn with TOWN - April 2024

A Season of Rich Colours and Promising Opportunities

Welcome to Autumn:

Hello everyone, Jamie here. As we step into the cooler, vibrant days of autumn here on the Sunshine Coast, I can’t help but reflect on how much our environment reminds me of the real estate market: constantly changing, always colourful, and full of opportunities.

Our Recent Journey:

This April has been incredible at TOWN. Thanks to our dedicated team and fantastic clients, we’ve pushed boundaries and exceeded expectations. Every day brings a new challenge and a new victory, and I’m so proud to share this journey with you.

Market Trends:

The market this autumn is buzzing. The median days on the market for homes here is currently around 40 days, demonstrating a strong demand. With only 3,100 homes available, it’s a great time for sellers to get involved.

TOWN’s Impact:

At TOWN, we pride ourselves on our effective marketing strategies. Over the past year, we’ve appeared in a staggering 9,158,778 search results and have had over 839,950 views on our listings—a testament to our visibility and engagement in the market. Just this month, we’ve sold properties totalling $35,240,000, bringing our total for 2024 so far to $146,288,250.

Highlight Listings:

I’d love to show you some of the unique properties that have just come onto our books. From cosy hideaways perfect for enjoying the autumn chill, to stunning homes that offer the best sunset views over the treetops, we have something special for everyone.

From Our Clients:

Nothing makes me happier than hearing from you, our clients. This month, I want to share a particularly touching review:

“Outstanding Real Estate Agent. I am so glad that I chose to represent this client in selling their home! Together with Bree, we form a dynamic team—always well-presented, knowledgeable, reliable, and genuinely passionate about achieving exceptional results. Our professionalism first caught their eye at other homes we were marketing and auctioning, where they could see our approachability, likability, and deep understanding of the local market. In selling their home, we worked flexibly around their schedule, assisted in preparing the home for the market, organized the auctioneer of their choice, and consistently kept them updated and informed. My communication skills and robust marketing systems and processes ensured maximum interest and inquiry in their home. On the day of the auction, it seemed like the whole team from TOWN Real Estate was there to assist and support. Working with this client was a fabulous experience, and they were extremely happy with the auction day result. I highly recommend our team for selling or buying real estate.”

Looking Forward:

As we move towards the winter months, I’m excited about the plans we have in place. Whether the market cools down or heats up, we’re ready for it, and we’ll make sure you are too.

Let’s Connect:

If you’re thinking about buying or selling, or just want to chat about the market, give me a call. Let’s make this year truly memorable together.

A Parting Thought:

Here at TOWN, we do more than just sell homes—we build relationships. I’m here for you, not just as your agent, but as your neighbour and your friend. Let’s navigate this exciting market together.